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Product name
United States [2019-01-06] - contacts
United States
Version date
Created At
2019-01-07 12:53:51
Price (excl. VAT)
286.00 USD


1Records amountthe total amount of records (lines)7'780'634
2Unique e-mail'samount of unique e-mail's5'092'150

Fields statistics

#Data field nameDescriptionAmountPercent
1Namecompany name7'780'634100%
2Addresscompany registration address7'780'634100%
3Phonecontact phone number7'635'88798%
4Citycompany registration address city6'394'39882%
5Internet sitecompany internet site3'273'67542%
6Postal codecompany registration address postal code2'743'72235%
7Faxfax number2'314'57929%
8Activitycompany activity1'999'81025%
9E-mail (other)company webpage e-mail addresses are not connected with the website internet address1'265'47616%
10E-mail (domain)company webpage e-mail addresses are connected with the website internet address1'190'78515%
11Contact e-mailcompany contact e-mail172'3162%

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